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Starters & Soups

Fiori di Zucchine Ripiene (Filled Zucchini Blossoms)
Fritelle di Cardone (Cardoon Fritters)
Lenticchie Stufate (Stewed Lentils)
Cozze Gratinate (Gratin of Mussels)
Sicilian Pumpkin Soup (Pizzuliati)
Zucchini Blossoms-Baked Mini Fittate

Mains & Side Dishes

Baccala con Peperoni Cruschi (Salt Cod with Crispy Peppers)
Baccala con le Patate e Olive (Salt Cod with Potatoes and Olives)
Baked Gnudi in Napoletana Sauce
Calamari Ripieni al Sugo (Stuffed Squid)
Chestnut & Mushroom Ravioli
Cicoria e Pane Cotto (Cooked Bread with Chicory)
Coniglio alla Cacciatore (Rabbit alla Cacciatore)
Crocchette di Patate e Cicoria (Potato & Chicory Croquettes)
Eggs in Tomato & Capsicum Sauce
Fritelle di Cardone (Cardoon Fritters)
Lamb Sausage Rolls
Orecchiette (Recchietelle)
Parmigiana di Zucchine (Zucchini Parmigiana)
Persimmon, Fennel & Pomegranate Salad
Pasta Mollicata (Pasta- with Breadcrumbs)
Pane Cotto e Cicoria (Cooked Bread with Chicory)
Polpettone al Sugo (Filled Meatloaf in Sauce)
Ragu' di Coniglio (Rabbit Ragu')
Stuffed Artichokes

Cakes, Tarts, Biscuits & Sweets

Cassatelle Siciliane
Castagnole di Carnevale (Sweet Dough Balls)
Ciambelline al Vincotto e Anice (Ring Biscuits with Vincotto & Aniseed
Ciascuni (Sicilian Fig & Nut Dolcetti)
Chocolate Hazelnut Biscuits
Chiacchiere (Crostoli or Sweet Fried Pastry)
Chiacchiere Ripiene (Fried Pastry filled with Quince)
Crostatine di Albicocche (Apricot Tartlettes)
Crostata di Cotogna (Quince Tart)
Crostata di Prugne (Plum Jam Tart)
Crostata di Ricotta e Mandarini (Ricotta & Mandarin Tart)
Frittole (Sweet Apple Fritters)
La Giuggiulena (Sicilian Almond & Sesame Brittle)
Lagana Chiapputa (Pasta with Vin cotto)
Lemon & Polenta Tea Cakes
Lemon Rosemary Syrup Cake
Limoncello & Torta di Mele
Limoncetti (Almond & Limoncello Dolcetti)
Pan-di-Spagna (Sponge Cake)
Panzerotti / Tortelli di Castagne e Cioccolato (Chestnut & Chocolate filled Morsels)
Panzerotti / Tortelli di Ceci (Chickpeas, Chocolate & Vincotto filled Morsels)
Pastiera Napoletana (Neapolitan Easter Wheat Pie)
Sanguinacchio Dolce (Italian Blood Pudding)
Savoiardi (Sponge Fingers)
Spiced Plum & Hazelnut Upside-down Cake
Torta di Albicocche (Apricot & Almond Tea Cake)
Torta di Mela e Cotogna (Apple & Quince Tart)
Torta di Cachi e Noci (Persimmon & Walnut Cake)
Taralli con Finocchio (Savoury Fennel Biscuits)
Taralli all'Uovo

Preserves, Conserves & Sauces

Bottled Apricots
Conserva di Pomodoro (Tomato Conserve & More!)
Cotogna & Vin Cotto (Quice Paste with Vin Cotto) Marmellata di Albicocche (Apricot Jam)

Marmellata di Fichi d'India (Prickly Pear Jam)

Marmellata di Mandarini (Mandarin Marmalade) 
Marmellata di Prugne (Plum Jam)
Mela Cotogna & Cotognata (Quince Paste)
Melanzane sott'Olio (Preserved Eggplants) 
Salsa Agresto

Ice-creams & Sorbets

Persimmon, Orange & Coconut Milk Ice-cream
Semifreddo al Vincotto
Sorbetto di Cigliege e Basilico (Cherry & Basil Sorbet)


Salsicce e Salame and a Capollo Too!

Aperitives & Digestives

Limoncello (Lemon Liqueur)

Bread, Focaccia & Pizza

Pizzette Montanare (Fried Pizzette)
Rosette di Pane (Rosette Bread Rolls)
Scacce con le Mulinciane (Sicilian Pies with Eggplant)
Sicilian Pies
Sourdough Bread & Starter


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Panzerotti /Tortelli di Castagne & Cioccolato (Chestnut & chocolate filled morsels)

When I think of chestnuts, I reminisce about my birth town - Domodossola, where I was first introduced to this distinctive flavoured nut.  We were fortunate to live close to Sacro Monte Calvario, a mountain lined with chestnut trees. My mother cooked many dishes which used this flavorsome nut, especially sweets such as these panzerotti di castagne & cioccolato.  Withthis sweet mamma has more recently substituted the chestnut filling with chickpeas as they are readily available all year round and knowing that my papa`enjoys this sweetmade frequently.

Chestnut season is a favourite for our whole family and we are of the belief that if you've never had a freshly roasted chestnut you haven't lived. We often visit Daylesford in country Victoria around autumn to purchase them fresh and enjoy them roasted at the farmers markets.

This recipe is a variation of panzerotti / tortelli di ceci which I have shared previously with you.  The filling is more delicate in texture and lighter t…

Cucina Conversations: Cassatelle Siciliane

Cassatelle are typical Sicilian pastries filled with lemon scented ricotta, and also known as cassateddi in Sicilian dialect.  The name derives from the word cassata, and by adding the diminutive suffix ‘ella’ you get the word cassatella, a smaller individual serving. An assortment of these pastries can be found in different regions of Sicily and are considered traditional deserts for the Carnevale and Easter period. In researching this topic, I become enthralled by the history behind the most complex of cassate from Palermo through to these more simple-to-make pastries from Siracusa, and therefore could not help but share some of its history with you.
Sicily is known as the sweets centre of Italy, and it appears that the most colourful and famous cassatasiciliana in all its glory, is one of the reasons.  It is believed to have originated in Palermo, made with sheep’s milk ricotta – at its richest and herbaceous during Spring; and containing other ingredients prevalent to the area suc…

My Nonna's Chiacchiere

This table cloth is an heirloom from my nonna Carmela, my maternal grandmother and so is this recipe of her chiacchiere. In our family this flakey, fried deliciousness known by many other names such as crostoli, cenci or bugie to name a few, are simply referred to by my family as le chiacchiere or crispelle.

These sweets are generally made around Carnevale or Christmas time, but since moving to Australia and to keep these dishes and recipes alive, my mother would often make them when a special occasion occurred such as birthdays and other festivities.

When my grandparents migrated to Australia from Montemurro - a small paese (township) in the province of Potenza after the 1980's earthquake, they commented on how fortunate we were living in Australia and how every day seemed like Christmas.  Often my grandparents would recount their hardships, but even so, had always ensured that their five daughters would experience the joys of festivities through sweets such as these. 
Le Chiacchier…