Wild Harvest

Look beyond the supermarket or farmers market to the abundance of wild edible plants that can be found and harvested from your own garden.  My grandparents did just that and so does my mother.  Mamma is totally devoted to this area of horticulture and you will find her planting, picking and cooking with wild greens. Nettle, mallow, and dandelion to name a few are happily growing amongst the parsley and seasonal vegetables. 

While papa` tends to the fruit trees and vegetables, it is mamma who ensures her wild greens are cared for and makes it her hobby to read up on their health benefits. This new section of the blog will serve as part reference and part recipe guide.  How have we come to cultivate and eat wild plants will be explored, as well as sharing with you their health benefits.  Forage and cook the wild harvest from mamma's part of the garden with me.


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